Today, I want to start introducing you to my 3-step process for finding high-probability, high-gain trades.

Now, you might think that successful trading comes down to focusing on finding great stocks and ETFs. But that’s not the whole story.

In fact, the truth might surprise you!

Now, there are A LOT of trading educators out there with almost no experience.

Essentially, they get lucky once or twice, can’t consistently replicate their initial performance, and from there on, they’re basically teaching you how they got their ‘fluke’ returns from years past…

With my 23+ year financial services background and as an institutional money manager, as a hedge fund manager and market analyst, I am quite literally the polar opposite of those trading educators…

So here’s a very condensed version of my story….

Back in 1995, at age 17, I took my first step into my career on Wall Street at an investment bank and broker-dealer.

Eager, YES. Hungry for big money, YES. But was it like what you see in the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street?” No, not really…

But I DID EXPERIENCE an inside view to the markets that most traders simply never see…

And I soaked up everything I could learn…

Throughout “the roaring 90s,” the majority of the investment capital I managed was invested in equities, which are stocks, index funds, and sophisticated equity options strategies.

I began deploying my 3-step method for finding profitable trades.

I quickly became the head options trader at my firm.

I worked my way up very quickly, and soon I was managing and hedging many of the firm’s largest accounts and assisting on the trading desk too, helping the traders with the firm’s capital.

From 1999 through the second quarter of the year 2000, I worked for a New York Stock Exchange member firm, H.D. Brous, which specialized in short-sale/bearish trading ideas.

I participated in underwriting numerous initial public offerings (IPOs) and secondary/follow-on offerings and private placements.

Nowadays, I focus my time on educating investors through True Market Insiders, like I’m doing today with my upcoming presentation, How to Unlock Massive Profit Potential on Every Trade.

I’m basically passing the best parts of my knowledge on to you.

And what this all comes down to is you making more money. More money to do the things you want to do.

And making money in the markets begins with the first of my 3 steps: Always Focus on Sectors!

Tomorrow I’ll spell out exactly what that means, and how to do it.

See you then.

Chris Rowe

Founder, True Market Insiders