“I have tried to follow recommendations of dozens of experts. You are the only one I continue to listen to. Following your courses, I have learned to make money on the stock exchange.”
Gundeger H.
“This past year I followed your top 3 recommended sectors and my account is up 13%. Many thanks.”
Bryan D.
“I have all positions - account has doubled and almost tripled. I need this for retirement.”
Rocky Genova, Floral Park, Queens.
“In February, having lost my job in January, I paid some of my end of service money into my trading account and have doubled that value in one month. I am so grateful to Chris.”
Bev Bostok, Champagne, Ill.
“Chris' information and training has had a major impact on my investment strategy. I’ve more than doubled my portfolio since I started using his products.”
Sabrina S.
“I have been following Chris for long time... and I have made enough to fund my retirement.”
Faiez A.
“Chris did a great job teaching me all about the 'real' market. I have doubled my 401k holdings in 5 years. I couldn't have done it without Chris.”
John S.
“Chris, you've changed my perception of the markets forever! I've not only been able to make money … I may be able to trade full time!”
Navindra R.
“I have started modestly… I currently have $23.5K invested with current value of $35.6K. Plus, I've “banked” $9.5K.”
Donnie Tylka, Somerset, NJ.
Before Tuesday's Training: A Few Good Ideas

This final post will be short, because I’m busy getting ready for tomorrow’s big event.

Remember, the presentation will begin promptly at 1PM eastern.

I recommend that you arrive a few minutes early. You’ll also want to have a pen and something to write on handy.

I’ll review some of what we’ve already gone over… there will be lots of fresh content as well.

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